Jane Goldberg and her Expressive Arts Training Institute reach into the vistas of human possibility and bring home to her students and listeners a recognition of the possible, of the depths of the Creative and spark a life force that can change the world.

Jane is an eternal child with the depth and breadth of the wisest of souls. She quickens creativity, so that the room seems to paint itself in her presence.

Jean Houston, Ph.D. World Renowned Author, Scholar, Philosopher and Teacher

Testimonial Letter To Those Considering This Expressive Arts Training
How exciting that you are considering Expressive Arts! I chose to do the Expressive Arts Training with Jane Goldberg because I wanted to experience “the creative” as a way of life, I liked the variety of modalities, and the fact that it was a year long….enough time to truly expand and integrate. A close friend of mine had received a brochure, was inspired, and encouraged me to enroll with her. I think Jane is an exceptional person and teacher: funny, wise, and compassionate. I have participated in alot of workshops, retreats, and adventures on my personal journey, only to say that the training is one of the most significant things I have done for myself. I grew in mind, heart and soul, crossed thresholds on many levels, and I continue to reap residual benefits that float freely from the energy expended in training. Little and big aha’s.
Jane creates a container for a profound personal and community experience. I honor her as a teacher and healer in my life’s journey. I will never be the same. I strongly encourage you to take the leap and challenge whatever “sacrifices” that may hold you back. You are going to have and incredible experience. My girlfriend (who did the training as well) and I talk often in laughter and wonder in recounting our experiences. The work lives on in us…..and there is freedom.
Remember, sometimes all that is required is to say ‘Yes.’

Patricia Binder, Massage Therapist 2001 Graduate of the Training Portland, Oregon

Jane R. Goldberg, PhD, MFCC, Board Certified Expressive Arts Therapist, is indisputably the most popular and sought-after trainer in the field on the West Coast. She is a pioneer in the use of expressive arts therapy, and Director of the Expressive Arts Training Institute, with onsite programs in Washington State, Oregon, and throughout Northern and Southern California. Dr. Goldberg is a Distinguished Fellow of The National Expressive Therapy Association(r). She has recently joined the faculty of the National Institute of Expressive Therapy in order to provide onsite training.

Steve Ross, President/Founder of the National Expressive Therapy Association

As a Jungian-oriented Psychotherapist, in Private Practice for 12 years, this training has primarily deepened and enriched my own process, which in turn, has made my work with clients deeper, richer and more profoundly meaningful.

Megan Feather, M.F.C.C. Carlsbad, California

Jane Goldberg’s Expressive Arts classes and workshops have transformed my relationship to the arts and to life. Experiential exercises in painting, drawing, music, drama, and other forms, have made it possible for me to express a new creativity in my work, studies, and personal relationships. The safe atmosphere of her workshops allowed me to access creative potentials I had thought lost or I did not know existed. As someone who had considered himself a ‘non-artist’ since childhood, I am particularly pleased and excited about the way that these forms of self-expression add a richness and texture to my life.

Tom Krysa, University Graduate Student San Diego, California

I was a student in The Professional Training In Expressive Arts Therapy Program in 1999 and I am still reflecting on it as one of the most important and dynamic experiences of my life. I have gained practical skills, a broad community, a deepened connection to Spirit and my own personal creativity.

Kate Thompson, Expressive Arts Coach and Marketing Consultant Seattle, Washington

Jane Goldberg: a vivid, magical, compelling teacher, whose spirit moves afresh, capturing the urgency and relevance of diving deep – celebrating fully the quest for the new millennium.

Lucia Van Ruiten, C.E.T. Spiritual Director, Wholistic Counselor, Psychosynthesis Facilitator Laguna Beach, California

We have just completed the first Spokane Training for Expressive Arts Therapy Certification. This fully experiential program combines the magic of the creative process with all forms of self expression… including the visual, intuitive, performing and language arts. Our own personal explorations in art, music, poetry, movement, sand tray, story-telling, drama and ritual have served to awaken and deepen the connections between ourselves and our life’s work. As therapists, this training has opened many doors to additional therapeutic applications from which to choose. For our clients, applications in the expressive arts help them get unstuck, reawaken their creative spirits, provide a gentle healing process, increase energy, release tension, spark a return to fun and spontaneity, reconnect the mind and body.

Gay and Stan Littrell, Psychotherapists Spokane, Washington

When I signed up for this training, I did it with the intent of gifting this year to myself. I was going to give myself one weekend every month to the Linda I had lost. Without a doubt or any hesitation I can say that this is the best and most incredible things that has ever happened to me in my life.

Now I am just so full of myself . . . and savoring every morsel. Nobody can ever discount me again because I know just how ‘priceless’ I am. If I could gift this class to you I would but this is something you must gift to yourself, and I know you’re worth it.

Linda Shipman Doula, Counselor, and Angel Healing Energy Practitioner

In Jane’s Expressive Arts Training I have found a place where I can be loved, appreciated, listened to and celebrated, a place were I can go home to myself and love who I am… Expressive Arts Therapy provided the vehicle for me to explore all the possibilities of my creative nature. During this process I discovered a new and personal spirituality, through which I emerged as a vibrant, secure and loving person.

Ellie Theofilopoulos - Master's Candidate in Psychology, Opera Singer, Gourmet Cook, La Jolla, California

I found a voice inside of me that was full of magical colors that I didn’t know about. When I started to speak out I was surprised at how creative and powerful I could actually be. The training gave me the courage to explore my inner self and now I can share my Self better with others, in my teaching and in my art-work.

Jan Evjenth - Artist and Teacher Anaheim Hills, California