FAQs (cont.)

  1. What is the benefit of joining this organization?

    As a member of I.E.A.T.A. or a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, you will be entering the professional field, with the status and credibility that gives you. You will receive a membership directory, a listing of upcoming conferences, newsletters, announcements, book launches and other goings on in the expressive arts community. As a member, you will also be able to present your work at these conferences.

  2. Am I a certified expressive arts therapist after taking your training?

    No. Dr. Goldberg gives a Certificate of completion of Training that shows you have completed 240 hours of training in Expressive Arts Therapy. You are then eligible to apply for National Certification. You may also apply your hours towards the International Registration. Dr. Goldberg is both a C.E.T. and a R.E.A.T.

  3. What exactly are the graduates of your program doing with the training they have received from you?

    Mostly, they are expanding and enriching the work they are already doing. For example, psychotherapists are bringing these new skills into their private practices, creating new ways of working with various populations. Educators are reaching their students more deeply and bringing material alive in the classroom. Artists become more creative in their work and more dedicated to the healing aspect of their work. People who never knew about their talents discover new direction – an ability to paint or dance….that has laid dormant for many years. They are creating new careers for themselves that are uniquely designed out of their own life experience and expertise.

    Creative examples include: A psychotherapist created a preoperative relaxation experience for herself during the training and now she sees many patients that require and appreciate this unique service. An elementary school educator in ill health who discovered a love for dance, healed herself, and is now teaching healing dance. A postal worker who discovered her ability to paint and now sells her work in Art Galleries. A woman with no degree who volunteered her services at a center with an aging population who hired her because of her Expressive Arts Training and doubled her salary within a year. A chemical dependency counselor who created an Expressive Arts Therapy program for chemical dependency counselors based on her experience of the training that is now regionally used throughout Eastern Washington. I hope this gives you a sense of the possibilities…

  4. What jobs does this certification qualify me to do?

    Expressive Arts Therapy is about expressing and awakening the life force within each of us; thus creating the clarity and commitment needed to discover and rediscover the path that is uniquely our own. Whether you choose to work in schools, hospitals, treatment centers, in your own self-created practice or business, or develop your capacity as an artist, this training will get you passionate and working.

  5. Should I be in psychotherapy while I am in this training or must I have been through psychotherapy to take this training?

    As I state in my Informed Consent Form, this training will entail a therapeutic process and any time you feel that you need additional personal work you may choose to do that for yourself. It is not necessary to be in therapy or to have gone through a great deal of therapy to take the training. It is only expected that you are psychologically sound, that you know what you are able to handle, that can withstand the joy and the rigor of this kind of program and are able to reach out for assistance when you need it.
    What if I miss one of the training sessions? How do I make it up?

    You may not miss more than 20 hours of the training if you are wanting certification. If you miss any time in the training you will be required to make it up. You may meet with me and pay an additional fee to make up the work missed. With my approval, you may learn about the art modality from another teacher. I believe it is essential for the continuity of the program and the safe container of the community that everyone be present and on time for each session. Please find a way to clear your schedules for both your enhanced participation in the training and that of everyone else.

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